Saturday 25 February 2012

Terrible Moments in Taglining

"The creature in the shadows...  The demon in your nightmares... The deformed madman... He's real... And he's coming for you..."

Pink eye is a relatively common infection that's easily treated and resolved, so you might want to rethink naming your villain after a malady most often seen at summer camp.  But if you're determined to name your bad guy after medical condition and/or body part, you should probably keep flipping through the medical dictionary until you find something really exotic-sounding.  Like necrotizing facsiitis or anarchic hand.

But that's beside the point.

The deformed madman?  Creatures lurking in shadows, I get.  Demons from my nightmares, sure.  But who fantasizes about deformed madmen?  And what's the deal with the ellipses?  "And he's coming for you..." It's open-ended.  Anything can happen once he arrives at my place.  He could hack me to pieces--as deformed madmen are wont to do, I'm sure--or we could watch X-Files together.  Maybe the Krycek episodes.  That was a good arc.


Chris Hewson said...

A villain named like that reminds me of the Circuitry-Head series, a science-fiction, slasher series starring Vernon Wells.

DM said...

I gotta look that up!