Wednesday 26 September 2012

Berberian Sound Studio

Sound, I feel, is grossly underrated by many filmgoers. Bad sound can ruin a good movie, and good sound can improve a bad film. Each year, the Academy hands out sound awards that a lot of people don't understand or care about, but thing is, sound is a challenging task.

Berberian Sound Studio is all about sound: sound mixing, ADR, foley. The film is so dedicated to its premise that things like story and logic fall by the wayside, but the experience of watching and hearing the film is worth the sacrifice. English sound engineer Gilderoy has been hired by an Italian production to produce the audio for their film, a giallo titled "The Equestrian Vortex." Gilderoy has never worked on a horror movie and he finds the experience curious but distrubing. Exacerbating the situation are his delicate working relationship with a temperamental production staff, and his loneliness in a foreign country.

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