Monday 24 September 2012

The Collection

If I remember correctly, I wasn't a huge fan of The Collector. I never saw past its Saw origins and couldn't appreciate the film on its own terms. The Collection, by contrast, is a different thing entirely.

The cast, for starters, is bigger. So's the location. This time survivors must navigate an entire building filled will traps while avoiding the Collector. As you can imagine it doesn't work out so well for everyone, and the deaths grow increasingly creative and outrageous as the film progresses.

The movie begins with a scene reminiscent of Blade and only gets bloodier. But it's not just the violence and gore that makes The Collection outshine its predecessor, it's the characters. The first movie introduced us to Arkin (Josh Stewart), the survivor-type anti-hero. This time he's joined by Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick) who redefines Clover's dated version of the Final Girl. Neither Elena nor Arkin are taking any shit, and their strength strengthens the film.

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