Sunday 23 September 2012

The Final Member

"It's the penis movie," is what they told me when I asked my friends what it was. I saw it because everything else was sold out.

I'm glad, because otherwise there's probably no way I would have ever seen it. And it should be seen. The Final Member is a funny, sensitive, and sometimes outrageous documentary about one man's dream to aquire a human penis for his collection, and his two potential donors.

Siggi Hjartarson runs the Icelandic Phallological Museum which houses every mamallian penis, except for one. Siggi's been collecting for over three decades. It began with a joke gift of a bull penis. Little did he know that one endowment would lead to a comprehensive collection of phalluses. Siggi is determined to get a hold of and display a human penis in his lifetime, and fortunately for him, two men have stepped forward to offer him their genitals.

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