Saturday 1 January 2011

Another Year Gone By: 2010

Here again is my best and worst of the past year.  I still haven't managed to keep on top of the new releases, though I think I did see more movies in theatres this time 'round.  Regardless, I've again compiled a list of movies I watched and either loved or hated in the last twelve months.

Omigodomigodomigod: Lake Mungo
Phenomenal mocumentary about a how a family deals with the loss of their daughter.
Oh. My. God.: Antichrist
Horrible movie about how a family deals with the loss of their son.

Life-affirming: Ravenous
Frontier-era cannibalism.
Total disappointment: A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Platinum Dunes' latest cash grab/atrocity.

Why did I wait so long to see this: The Road Warrior
Mel Gibson drives hard in a post-apocalyptic Australia.
I should have known better: Birdemic
Global warming causes eagles to attack.

Totally worth it: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Rock opera about organ repossession.
Stop wasting my time: Repo Men
Predicable drama about organ repossession.

Better than it has any right to be: Blood and Bone
Michael Jai White kicks ass.  That's all.
And now to shove this fork in my eye: The Final
Described by Count Vardulon as being "pro-Columbine". Unpopular kids torture popular kids. Lots of speechifying ensues.
Ha! That's awesome: Sukiyaki Western Django
English-language Japanese western by Takashi Miike.
Seriously?: Piranha 3D
It's exactly what it sounds like. Piranhas. In 3D.  You'd think it'd be hard to screw that up.  You'd be wrong.

A fun time at the movies: Psycho Beach Party
Subversive satire of the Beach Party movies from the 60s.
A fun time at the proctologist: Kill Theory
Stupid people make bad decisions.

While composing this list, I realized I've seen a lot more movies in theatres than I reviewed.  So, here are some honourable mentions that, for one reason or another, didn't appear on Zombots! or were only mentioned in passing on TheAvod:

Let The Right One In - An intelligent American remake of a fantastic Swedish film.
Machete - Despite its lackluster ending, Robert Rodriguez does the trailer justice.
Inception - Kinda mindblowing. Best fight scene I've seen in ages.
The Expendables - An ensemble cast of action stars mount an offensive against Eric Roberts. Lots of throat-stabbing.


Eric. said...

Sukiyaki Western Django

Excellent Spaghetti Western!

Tarantino was a bonus addition to the story.

I am surprised you haven't reviewed any of the Feast trilogy, though points on reviewing Oldboy as Chan-wook Park's excellent portrayal of vengeance is a personal favorite.

DM said...

It is surprising that I haven't seen any of the Feast movies. Especially given the two sequels have such hilarious subtitles.