Saturday, 12 March 2016

Horror Movies as Academic Papers

For fun I like to read academic articles about horror movies. But what if the movies themselves were papers published in peer-reviewed periodicals?

Studying the Effects of Media Literacy and Self-Awareness on Quality of Life Among American Teenagers

Identifying and Coping with Cyclical Bodily Mutation and its Consequences

The Effects of Extreme Isolation on the Family Unit: A Case Study

Prioritizing Subaltern Narratives as a Method of Overcoming Prejudice Against the Poor in Rural Areas

Using Stress as a Motivator for Personal Growth: A Cost-Benefit Analysis

Re-Examining Biblical Hermeneutics in Light of Post-Positivism*

Problematizing the Babysitter 

Negating Mind/Brain Identity Theory: How Inter-Dimensional Space Travel Relates to Brain Function and Consciousness

"If it Bleeds": Assumption and Fact in Combat Situations Against an Unknown Opponent

Environmental Manipulation and its Effects on Group Dynamics: A Failure Analysis

Cooperative Disharmony in a Hostile Environment as an Indicator of Depersonalization and the Ultimate Loss of Self

Power Tools: Innovations in the Use of Forestry Technologies and Sustained Patriarchal Hierarchies in the American Southwest* 

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