Sunday 17 July 2011

Paranoid Activity 2

Fade In 
Day One
  • The three of you have just moved into your new house and are unpacking
Day Two
  • Party time! You're having a house-warming party
  • You've invited a psychic as entertainment
  • The psychic tells two of the three you that a dark energy has attached itself to you and that you cannot leave the house
Day Four?
  • You awake to find someone/thing has emptied all the kitchen cabinets onto the floor
  • Two of you are freaked out
Day Five?
  • You awake to find someone/thing has emptied all the kitchen cabinets onto the floor
  • All three of you are freaked out
Day Whatever
  • Same shit, different day
  • Not one of you has thought to phone the psychic, even though he said he could "close the door" and free you of the evil that surrounds you
  • Nor do you think to film the strange happenings in the kitchen
Some Time Later
  • It hasn't occurred to you that only two of you are cursed, meaning the third roommate can leave the house
Even More Time Has Passed
  • You have not left the house in at least a week;  no one has called, no one has come to see you
    • What about work?  What happened to all your friends?  I guess your party really sucked
Ten Minutes Left In This Interminable Film
  • The ghost appears
  • Your terror brings on a clarity of mind you have never before experienced.  Scared though you are, and painfully aware of your own mortality, you cannot help but marvel at the significance of your inaction--it was not indecision that brought you to this moment, nor did you make the wrong decision.  Failure to choose any course of action is what doomed you.
  • You die
Fade Out
The End


Matt-suzaka said...

Is this an Asylum movie? I was actually surprised at how decent Paranormal Entity was, but from what I read here it doesn't seem as this one fairs too well. I'd probably still watch it, though! Love that movie title.

DM said...

Nope, this is not an Asylum film. I think it's trying to capitalize on both The Asylum and PA--which is kind of brilliant. Nothing else about it is, though.

MarkusWelby1 said...

this screams of netflix instant.

DM said...

I'm sure you have better ways of spending your time. Like curing cancer, or indulging in Star Trek fantasies.

MarkusWelby1 said...

I'm working on the whole cancer thing.