Saturday, 25 February 2012

Terrible Moments in Taglining

"The creature in the shadows...  The demon in your nightmares... The deformed madman... He's real... And he's coming for you..."

Pink eye is a relatively common infection that's easily treated and resolved, so you might want to rethink naming your villain after a malady most often seen at summer camp.  But if you're determined to name your bad guy after medical condition and/or body part, you should probably keep flipping through the medical dictionary until you find something really exotic-sounding.  Like necrotizing facsiitis or anarchic hand.

But that's beside the point.

The deformed madman?  Creatures lurking in shadows, I get.  Demons from my nightmares, sure.  But who fantasizes about deformed madmen?  And what's the deal with the ellipses?  "And he's coming for you..." It's open-ended.  Anything can happen once he arrives at my place.  He could hack me to pieces--as deformed madmen are wont to do, I'm sure--or we could watch X-Files together.  Maybe the Krycek episodes.  That was a good arc.


Chris Hewson said...

A villain named like that reminds me of the Circuitry-Head series, a science-fiction, slasher series starring Vernon Wells.

DM said...

I gotta look that up!