Tuesday 8 June 2010

Away Message

Ah summertime!  For most people that just means it's hot out.  For others, it's vacay.  For me, it's both.  I'm heading out of town--way out of town--for a working holiday over the next month and will likely not be posting much of anything for the next few weeks.  I invite you to peruse my catalogue of ramblings in my absence.  And even though I didn't stockpile Zombots! posts in preparation for my trip, I did record a load of Avods with Count Vardulon; new shows will air each week.  Keep an ear open for hilarious time-sensitive confusion.

So, know that while I am hard at work on a tropical island paradise, I'm also thinking about a lot about horror.  Sunny, warm, tropical horror.

Yours in fear,
The DM

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