Wednesday 1 October 2014

Toronto After Dark 2014: Second Ten

The good people at TAD have released the second wave of programming for this year's film festival.

Housebound (New Zealand) Opening Gala

I know I know this movie. Yes! I watched the trailer months ago and thought it looked hilarious. A woman under house arrest has to serve her term under her mother's roof. That'd be find if the house weren't haunted. Peter Jackson seems to like it, as do a lot of other festival audiences. Looking forward to this one.

Wyrmwood (Australia) Canadian Premiere

I'm kind of over zombie movies. This one's supposed to be a sort of road movie set in the zompocalyspe. I'm hoping my love of post-apocalyptic road movies cancels out my disinterest in zombie movies. Also, this film appears to feature a delightful Lord Humungus reference which I can totally get behind.

Why Horror? (Canada) Canadian Premiere

I think some people I know make an appearance, however briefly, in this documentary about horror and why we love to be scared. I'll be watching with a keen eye!

Let Us Prey (Ireland/UK)

Wow, this looks violent and gory. I can't really say what this is about because the trailer is short on details as is the official synopsis. Sort of a supernatural take on Assault on Precinct 13. I'm also reminded of Storm of the Century, so will the survivors have to make a terrible choice?

The Town that Dreaded Sundown (USA) Special Presentation

You might know of this movie because it was mentioned in Scream. Or maybe you've actually seen the original 1976 movie. Picking up sixty-five years after a killer terrorized Texarkana, the town is again fearing sundown as people start dying. A copycat seems likely, but it might also be something else...

Late Phases (USA)

Another werewolf movie in the TAD lineup, only this one looks to be more in line with "traditional" werewolf tropes. No teenwolves here. Retired werewolves, maybe. Ambrose, a veteran, moves into a retirement community that appears to suffer monthly animal attacks. Not interested in letting sleeping dogs lie, Ambrose is on the hunt for the truth about the attacks.

Refuge (USA) Canadian Premiere

This looks a bit like a post-apocalyptic siege movie. It's won a coupe of awards, so that's good news. It also kind of reminds me of Crossed, which might be kind of worrisome. We'll just have to see.

The Drownsman (Canada)

Another one that sounds vaguely familiar. It's kind of like a killer urban legend. After nearly downing, a woman is haunted by the Drownsman. I wish I could remember where I heard about this. It's driving me crazy!

Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (USA)

This one won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance, so it must be good. A Japanese woman believes a sack full of cash is buried somewhere in Minnesota, just waiting to be discovered. She uses clues from the movie Fargo as her map. I love Fargo, so I'm keen to see how well this movie pays tribute to the source material.

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