Friday 30 November 2012

Terrible Moments in Taglining

"You are her last hope."

Her last hope would suggest she had other, better hopes. Since those didn't pan out, she's now reduced to relying on you. And what do you have to offer? Nothing! Because you're not qualified to engage in the pursuit and apprehension of a kidnapper.

A much better tagline would be "You are her only hope" because you're the only one who knows where she is right at this moment, and the qualifier makes no reference to your glaring lack of skill in dealing with this particular type of situation.


Zack Mandell said...

Its so funny that taglines don't come up more in movie reviews. It really can ruin a movie though. Good thought.

Andrew Barr said...

Who say's I'm not qualified?!

DM said...

^I've met you :P

Andrew Barr said...