Thursday 11 February 2010

Movies To Say I Love You

Greeting card corporation-induced love is in the air. And if you're anything like me, it makes you want lock yourself in the basement until it goes away. While you're hiding out, why not indulge in a movie marathon to pass the time? In order to help better get into the Valentine's Day spirit, I've put together a short list of films that celebrate love, devotion, and obsessive narcissism.

Love Object

Painfully shy Desmond Harrington has a hard time connecting with others. So he connects with a love doll, instead. Explore themes of love and objectification set against the conformist backdrop of the business office.

Bride of Chucky

Cupid is working overtime this season, making sure that everyone, including a murderous child's toy, finds their perfect match. Not satisfied with Love Object's humanist slant? The moulded plastic love of Bride of Chucky is sure to give you warm fuzzies.


What better way to say "I love you" than to kidnap your crush, break his ankles, and force him to write you a novel? Kathy Bates goes the distance in this tale of torturous obsession.


Before there was Deadgirl, there was Kissed, "one of the most impassioned love stories of the year." Slow and brooding, Kissed follows the young Sandra in her quest for transcendence, which leads her down the road to necrophilia. Love comes in many forms this Valentine's Day, including lifeless corpses.


Perhaps the ultimate love story! An adulterous housewife lures men into her home so they may be stripped of their essence in order to resurrect her dead lover. Throw in some S&M demons and you have a recipe for everlasting love.


B-Sol said...

What a great idea! Normally I'd say that the Mrs. would never go for such a notion--and yet I do happen to know that Hellraiser is one of her favorite movies (I haven't had the heart to tell her I put it on my Most Overrated List).

DM said...

Lol, thanks! Love is suffering, so maybe keep that on the dl :)

Unknown said...

This movie looks like such a great thriller movie.Peoples loves to Watch Thriller Movies Online.But i am not so brave person who can watch this movie alone.

elgringo said...

Did you ever watch "May?" In a sick/twisted way, I think that movie's about love too. Great call on Misery.


Matt-suzaka said...

Great list and I really liked Love Object. Desmond Harrington is a solid actor and great in that film. Lars and the Real Girl is such a ripoff!