Wednesday 30 December 2009

Movies to Ring in the New Year

It's that time of year again, when we make empty promises to ourselves that we'll somehow overcome our laziness and better our condition over the next twelve months. Also, it's party time.

But with the partying comes the hangover, and the dawning realization that you just broke your first resolution of "no more hangovers". What better way to nurse your headache and your guilt than by indulging in some New Year's-themed horror. I mean, you're already on the couch and your second resolution was to be more productive with your time. So here are some suggestions to help you start the new year off right. (Resolution #3: no more splitting of infinitives.)

Terror Train: Jamie Lee Curtis tries desperately to evade getting killed horribly before she can ring in the new year. All aboard the party train!

Ghostbusters 2: The Statue of Liberty comes to the rescue when New York is under attack from an evil pink ooze. Even Slimer can't resist the Big Apple's joyous holiday spirit as he joins our favourite paranormal exterminators in saving the city just in time for New Year's.

I know it's the French poster. Eat it.

Poseidon: A massive rogue wave threatens to ruins Kurt Russell's new year's plans when it hits his cruise ship.

Strange Days: Ralph Fiennes rings in the new year in style by exposing police corruption, chasing down a murderer, and failing to reunite with his ex-girlfriend. Good times!

Addendum, 31 December: When I first posted this, uh, post I completely forgot about what might the be penultimate New Year's film.

Last Night: Follow a collection of Torontonians as they celebrate the end of the 90s. What makes this particular New Year's so special is that it is that the world will end at midnight EST.


B-Sol said...

Happy New Year to you too! And thanks for the suggestions for tomorrow night....

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