Tuesday 29 September 2009

I Want to Experience Some Paranormal Activity

I used to live in a big city and was never at a loss for films to see in theatres. Then I moved to an even bigger city that showed movies you never heard of. And then I moved to where I am now, the ass end of nowhere. I am simply aching to see Paranormal Activity, and considered just driving to a larger market--about four hours each way--but then realized I'd be reaching new, dizzying heights of fandom/geekery, to which I am not acclimated.

I'm an idealist, optimist--some might say naive. But there's also a cynical side to me, and I can't help but wonder if I'm slowly falling victim to a clever and protracted marketing campaign. I do believe the hype, that the film will scare the crap outta me (because I'm a sucker!), but what I can't believe is that Paramount is spoon-feeding one of the most anticipated movies in years to a ravenous audience.

We're talking monastic-levels of restraint.

By releasing the film one market at a time, Paramount is both creating and reinforcing demand as stories circulate in a widening pattern about how damn good the movie is. And about how it must be seen in theatres in order to fully appreciate and experience the film. I have no doubt that if the film were to go wide tomorrow, cinemas would be packed from coast to coast. But this creeping release is ensuring both Paranormal Activity's and Paramount's success. And that success is further bolstered by the fact that the movie failed all attempts at a remake. What we're seeing (or hope to see), what we're being treated to, is the original.

Though I hate the world and everyone in it because I live in a crappy town that's showing Medea on twelve screens, I can't help but admire and get swept up in Paramount's brilliant, if frustrating, distribution scheme.

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