Friday 13 March 2009

Punisher: War Zone

I was semi-curious about the John Travolta Punisher movie, but never saw it. Then my roommates started talking about another Punisher movie and I was confused because I only knew the one. They assured me there is another, better Punisher out there and that I should see it. And then the Count started talking about a Punisher film and it was all over.

I had to see it.

Frank Castle is the Punisher and has sworn to kill the mafia. Every single one of them. While engaged in this pursuit, he accidentally shoots an undercover FBI agent. Meanwhile, one of his targets survives his trip through a bottle crushing machine and swears to eliminate the the Punisher. While Castle deals with the moral repercussions of killing one of the good guys, Jigsaw kidnaps the deceased agent's wife and daughter, forcing the Punisher to enlist the help of the Russian mob in order to see his vengeance quest through to the end.

Punisher: War Zone is by far the best Punisher movie yet made. In fact, it's a great action movie in its own right. Though not the most polished movie out there, the action is well done, the fights are well staged, and the film is easy to follow and understand, even if you don't know anything about Punisher.

And it's violent. So violent. Though not quite on par with Rambo 4, my benchmark for pure, unadulterated violence, this one's up there. And it's got Julie Benz, who was in Rambo 4.

Think about that.


Watch Movies said...

The story moves along well, and when there's a break in the action , the film doesn't drag- it's always going somewhere. Not perfect, but good.

Ty said...

This was a great old-school action movie. There are some cool kills in it too. Ray Stevenson was excellent.