Wednesday 11 March 2009

Days of Darkness

So my roommate was taking a break from work and I was taking a break from doing nothing when we decided it was time to once again troll FearNet for something to watch. We decided on Days of Darkness and agreed that if it wasn't any good we'd watch Blood Diner instead.

Now this kind of thing happened to me once before. After sitting through The Hunted (2003), I turned to my friend and told her I wished we'd canned that movie and put in Predator, instead. She told me she'd been thinking about doing exactly that. We agreed that next time this happened we would speak up.

Last night, I so thoroughly failed to do just that.

Days of Darkness is a zombpocalypse movie about a meteor that crashes into Earth killing everyone except for a handful of people who all find their way to an abandoned military installation. Among the survivors are a guy with some medical knowledge, a former porn star, an army chick, a bible thumper, and an asshole. I'm not really sure if the movie is supposed to be a character study or a comedy. Either way, it fails at both and is instead a rather boring story of zombpocalypse survival. Things get even more tedious when it's discovered a) the zombies can reproduce, and b) they're allergic to alcohol.

The film's only saving grace is the competent performance turned in by half the cast. The terrible story, however, overshadows the otherwise competently made film.

Luckily for Brad, he fell asleep and missed a good part of the movie. Unluckily for me, I was wide awake for the whole thing with nothing to distract me from my thoughts of how much I wished I'd watched Predator that one time.

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