Friday 24 October 2008

Waxwork II

I was cruising Fearnet looking for something, anything, to watch when I came upon this gem. I'd recently seen Waxwork and though it wasn't great, at all, I thought I might watch the sequel, you know, just because. So I hit the "info" button and was presented with the following:

Did you see the first Waxwork about the wax figures that come to life and kill people? Mark and Sarah survived that one. Unfortunately, so did a wax hand that followed Sarah home and killed her stepfather. Now people think Sarah did it. Stupid wax hand.


It also "starred" Bruce Campbell. And, though I didn't know it at the time, my favourite Russian dancer/actor, Alexander Godunov.

So after leaving the Waxwork, Mark and Sarah catch a cab. Sarah gets dropped off at home where she is greeted by her slovenly stepfather. When Sarah goes into her room to change, the wax hand that followed her home attacks the poor bastard and kills him. Sarah then kills the wax hand, and the whole thing reminded me of Idle Hands and how ridiculous that was.

Now Sarah's on trial for murder. Mark takes her to Sir Wilfred's house where they hope to find something to help clear her name. What they end up with is a device that opens doors to alternate realities. Mark and Sarah have to survive haunted houses, alien attacks, and literary characters brought to life all the while trying to find a disembodied hand.

Not at all scary, Waxwork II is actually pretty funny; it capitalizes on its rather preposterous premise and really has very little to do with the original movie. It's even got some decent effects. My roommate walked in on a scene in which someone was reaching into someone else's cleavage. I told him it wasn't a very good movie.

He disagreed.

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