Monday 3 April 2006

A Watery Grave

No one ever asks me about my handle.  Not that I expect them to--it's pretty self-explanatory.  I thought it up years ago as a hotmail address, not long after I learned how to scuba dive.  It was never my intention to use it as a pseudonym but then I started blogging and didn't feel like using my real name.  Perhaps one day I'll reveal to the world my ridiculous initials (thanks Mom and Dad), but until that time I'm quite content with DM.  Or Divey.  I like Divey.

It was B_Sol who first called me that.  Round the same time he thought up the cutesy diminutive, he also struck upon the brilliant idea that I carve out a nice for myself as an expert on underwater horror.  It was so logical, so literal, that I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it.  Nor had my co-conspirator, Count Vardulon, who, I hate to admit, is a lot smarter than I.

I've since begun the long-term project of reviewing underwater genre film.  Expanding on B_Sol's idea, I'm including sci-fi, mostly as a way to finally get round to watching Sphere.  The movies I watch will be rated on both their scariness and what I'm calling their "underwateryness", meaning how well they use or incorporate their setting.  Because I'm a diver, I'll also be taking a look at the diving science, assessing the films' degree of verisimilitude when it comes to scuba.  Some might argue this is going too far, that I should perhaps leave some wiggle room for narrative, but scuba is serious business and staying alive underwater is hard enough as it is so I don't see a need to up the ante with creative license.

Deep Star Six

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