Tuesday 15 October 2013

Toronto After Dark: Looking Ahead

The eighth annual Toronto After Dark Film Festival begins this week, on Thursday, October 17. The festival runs nine nights and showcases new genre cinema. More of a fan-based film festival than others which are industry-driven, TAD makes a point of bringing to Toronto innovative and independent horror, action, sci-fi, and cult features and shorts.

Looking forward to TAD's eighth year, this time screening at the Scotiabank Theatre downtown, I've chosen a few films that I'm especially keen to watch.

Evil Feed

You had me at "sinister Chinese restaurant."

Septic Man

I saw a preview for this at Fan Expo. There, the filmmakers told us that everyone barfed on set at some point during filming.

Willow Creek

I love found footage movies (even the bad ones, of which there are too many), and I'm happy to see Big Foot on the big screen again. Also, it's by Bobcat Goldthwait.

Big Bad Wolves

From the guys who brought us Israel's first horror movie, comes Israel's second horror movie.

Of course, TAD has programmed a line up of films that are all sure to entertain. The festival opens with We Are What We Are, for crying out loud, and Last Days on Mars is screening October 22. If last year is any indication, we'll be witness to somethings wonderful. Watch all the trailers here.

If you haven't got your tickets, you can still pick some up either online or at the theatre.


Sarah said...

Interested to hear about Willow Creek and Big Bad Wolves. The Last Days on Mars and The Dirties looked worth watching.

DM said...

Unfortunately, I'm going to miss/have already missed The Dirties, Willow Creek, and Last Days on Mars.

Will be seeing Big Bad Wolves, though.

Sarah said...

Nooo, you missed Bigfoot found footage? So disappointed! :)