Monday 23 September 2013

Horror Map

Our friends over at Horror News Network have cooked up something special for the horror tourist, the Horror Map.

"The Horror Map is a fantastic resource for fans of the horror genre," says Rob Caprilozzi, owner of Horror News Network. "Our staff has pinned over 500 horror films to the map, including favourites such as Rosemary's Baby, Scream, Nightbreed, Friday the 13th, Halloween and more."

The maps uses Google Map technology to provide viewers with easy access to more than 500 movie locations. Each location provides an overview of the movie, including the release date and a brief synopsis. The map can be updated by registered users, fans, and filmmakers by pinning the location of any movie in the Horror News Network database. For movies that aren't in the database, registered users can add the film before pinning it to the map.

View the map and tour the horror landscape at


Andrew Barr said...

That's pretty cool but I think they've placed the original "the Thing" in the wrong spot, I'm pretty sure there's no US air bases in the middle of the Northwest Territories.

Unknown said...

Actually there are (were) many. Not air bases, but U.S. Air Force radar installations which were part of the Defense Early Warning network or DEW Line. All the way from Alaska to England. In Canada they were built by Bell Labs and a bunch of drunken Inuit.

Andrew Barr said...

Oh no I stand corrected!

Vardulon said...

They've also chosen to place the markers for F13 around where the first movie was shot, rather than where the movies were set, in rural Connecticut.

lizsko said...
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