Tuesday 2 November 2010

Trailer Review: Midnight Son

Let's be serious a moment: what some indie films lack in competency, they make up for in effort.  Most of the time.  Midnight Son's only real problem, on the other hand, seems to be its lack of distribution.  From the look of things, this independent production might give some bigger-named vampire movies a run for their money.

Just yesterday I was reading about strange coincidences and then, quite unexpectedly, I found myself floating in a sea of happenstance.  It was only last week I reviewed a hard-edged book about urban vampires, and then came the trailer for Midnight Son, delivered to my inbox.

Midnight Son appears to be about a guy who's slowly turning into a vampire.  He's none too sure about the changes that are happening to him, but there seems to be others who are more aware of his predicament than he.  Along for the ride is a cokehead girlfriend, who I can only assume is having a hard time dealing with her own problems, and I'm guessing that together they learn some valuable lesson about life and, well, vampires.

The film looks like it takes a dark and dirty approach to its subject matter--I hesitate to use the word gritty.  Unglamorous might be more suitable--the vampire angle in Being Human comes to mind.  I can only hope the movie, when it finds distribution, fulfills its promise of dark introspection and bloodlust.

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