Thursday 23 July 2009

Trailer: The Hills Run Red

It's a movie about people making a movie about them looking for a movie. That's two degrees more postmodern than average. Can our puny minds cope with all that self-reflexiveness or will the irony prove too much and reduce our sweet delicious brains to mush?

Four friends head into the woods to find a lost horror film. But not just any film, the scariest film ever. While searching out the director's cut of the Blair Witch Project, they are set upon by TCM reenactors who raided The Stranger's props warehouse. Eventually, the friends stumble upon the set of Hostel and are summarily dispatched with all manner of pointy objects. In a delightful twist that is not at all surprising we learn the film they're looking for is actually snuff and they have just starred in the sequel.

Alternate ending: The whole thing's been staged in an homage to April Fool's Day.

How does buddy know about this "scariest film" and why are the film canisters in the woods? We'll probably never know...

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