Thursday 9 April 2009



What's that in his hand? It doesn't matter.

This might be the most boring film I've watched in a long time. The lack of action and conflict is reminiscent of Star Trek: Generations. Stuff happens, the movie ends.

Jeff Bridges is an alien whose craft is shot down by the American military. He crash lands in Wisconsin, assumes the form of Scott, Jenny's dead husband, and coerces Jenny into driving him across country to Arizona. Meanwhile, the military is hot on their trail. Jeff Bridges acts like a putz, knocks up the grieving widow, returns to Neptune, and that's the end.

Starman is a Carpenter film in name only. It neither looks nor feels like his other movies, and as such there is little to recommend this film.

craze-o-meter: 0, not a John Carpenter to be had

Though I don't speak a word of Spanish, I would have much preferred this version of events.

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