Thursday 13 November 2008

Blood and Sex Nightmare

Public service announcement: Do not, under any circumstances, see this movie.

Seriously. Don't.

I am embarrassed, thoroughly embarrassed for having watched this film. Blood and Sex Nightmare is exactly what it claims to be. Full of blood and sex, the movie is nightmarishly bad.

A girl returns home from her father's funeral, and her boyfriend suggests they go on a sex retreat. Nevermind the fact that she just arrived home from Japan, where she buried her father, and oh yeah, she's a virgin. Stupidly, she agrees and the two head off into the woods. Of course, she's in no mood for sex, and her boyfriend grows increasingly impatient. Meanwhile, other guests are dying and there's a disgusting old man wandering around hitting on all the girls. As the virgin slowly becomes unhinged (apparently she turned psychic at the funeral), we learn more about the mysterious killer. Eventually the two face off and the movie finally ends.

I've got no problem with low budget horror and exploitation films don't bother me. But this film is so poorly made, it's more depraved than exploitative and maybe even a bit misogynistic. There's so much more I could say about the blood and sex in Blood and Sex Nightmare, but it means having to relive that terrible hour.

I'd rather choke on a castrated dick.

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