Saturday 3 November 2007

CSI 805

CSI is one of my all time favourite shows. Not every episode is a gem, but still. So how excited was I when they finally had a mystery that took place on a horror movie set? And how awesome was it to learn that David is a huge horror movie fan? Gotta love David.

A scream queen is found dead in the studio and the team investigates. They have to investigate two red herrings before they catch the real killer. Pretty much your standard fare. What I have yet to decide is whether the story is better or worse than average.

What I'd like to believe is the writers purposefully came up with the standard horror story elements--the rainy night, the bad phone reception, etc--and the dizzying series of twists at the end as a statement about the, uh, state of mainstream horror movies today. Props to the guy who wrote the director character's "death" scene in which he waxes philosophical about being killed on a horror movie set. It is ironic. Now if only the director wasn't such a stereotypical twat. But wait, maybe that's part of the critique...

Alternatively, this episode may be viewed as an attempt to cram a 90 minute PG-13 "horror" movie into 42 minutes of network TV.

Whatever I decide, the point is that my roommate heard me laughing through the wall. And it looks like Sarah might finally leave the show.

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